Pavers and Hardscapes

Whether you're interested in Belgard Pavers, Tremron Pavers, or Artistic Pavers, Coastal PaverScapes & Pools is prepared to fulfill your project needs. Once the area is free of grass, concrete or any other materials, a layer or soil is removed, as needed, and we are able to begin our installation process. We start by compacting the soil with a plate compactor. Then we install the "paver base" which is made up of crushed rock and sand. to a depth of 2". The paver base is then leveled out with the correct pitch away from your home and then compacted using a plate compactor. Next we mark our layout lines and the pavers are laid in a pattern and any cuts are made at the ends or around corners of your paver patio or driveway. Now we must install concrete restraining edges to prevent the newly installed pavers from moving, followed by washing sand through the joints to help lock everything in. Let us turn your vision into reality.